2nd Stimulus Check Update on 5th September

This news report is about second stimulus check update and stimulus package update as a Friday September 4th. Regarding the stimulus package the senate will vote on the republican stimulus package. Next week, the senate they come back into session on Tuesday after 31 days of vacation.

In addition to the stimulus package the politicians need to pass the federal government’s budget because the government’s fiscal year begins on October 1st. Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin and Nancy Pelosi have reached a deal to prevent a government shutdown and have agreed to keep separate the government budget and the stimulus package bill the democrats they’re trying to legally stop president trump’s executive order on the payroll tax cut,

President Trump’s executive order on the federal unemployment payments, report showed that we added 1.4 million jobs in august and the unemployment rate is now 8.4 percent also the battleground states that will have the biggest impact on the 2020 presidential election. Covid-19 cases they’re remaining steady at 36000 cases in the US.

The senators return back from vacation on Tuesday. The senate is expected to vote on their smaller republican stimulus package next week. The republicans have a larger stimulus package that’s for 1.3 trillion dollars and that’s the one with the stimulus checks. They also have a smaller stimulus package known as the skinny bill which is in the range of 500 billion to 700 billion dollars. That skinny bill does not have stimulus checks the smaller bill that’s the one that will be voted on next week.

The skinny bill has money for unemployment benefits for schools and a second round of PPP money for the self-employed and small businesses. Money for Covid-19 testing and money for child care. This republican bill will face fierce opposition from the democrats. Leader of the democrats in the senate said that the republican skinny bill does not provide money for rental assistance nutrition assistance state and local governments the census or safe elections.

Schumer said that senate leader Mitch Mcconnell and the senate republicans are providing an unacceptable and ineffective attempt at providing relief. In addition to the stimulus package negotiations, the politicians will also need to vote on the government’s budget for next year. Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin and speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi have agreed to not mix stimulus package. Negotiations with government budget negotiators, they are expected to pass a short-term bill in order to keep the government funded until the end of December. So that, we can avoid a government shutdown.

President Trump’s executive order for the payroll tax cut that took effect on Tuesday. The democrats have now started the legal process to stop this executive order. They are saying that president Trump is trying to boost his reelection chance by giving the illusion of a payroll tax cut. When in reality this is only a short-term loan because it needs to be repaid the government.

Accountability office will review the democrats request to stop this executive order by September 22nd. The republicans response is that the democrats are trying to obstruct justice for president Trump’s executive order on the federal unemployment payments. 45 states have received funding approval from FEMA. Of those 45 states, seven states have already started issuing those payments.

California will be issuing those payments on Monday, September 7th. California will issue those payments in two phases if you want more information on this visit California’s website. New York, Florida and Illinois have not established a timeline on when the payments will go out for.

The five states that do not have funding approval here’s what’s going on Kansas will be applying Nevada. They began the application process on august 25th. New jersey applied last week. Nebraska is still deciding whether or not. South Dakota chose not to apply the unemployment payment that will be 300$ a week if your state does not chip in the extra 100$ a week. The states that plan on chipping in the extra hundred dollars a week so that you’ll receive 400 a week in total include Kansas, Kentucky, Montana, Vermont and West Virginia.

The US Jobs report for august that was released this morning, the unemployment rates is now 8.4 percent. This has improved from 10.2 percent in July. They added 1.4 million jobs in August. However, the rate of jobs being added is declining in June. 4.8 million jobs were added in July. 1.7 million jobs were added in August it was 1.4 million.

Out of 1.4 million jobs added in August 238000 of those jobs were temporary jobs to help out with the census. They will be all laid off after the census is complete. It’s good to see improvement in the figures. However, we still have 11.5 million fewer jobs than we did in February and there are still approximately 28 million Americans on unemployment benefits.

The presidential elections are only 60 days away. The polls show that it’s going to be a close one. So, please make sure that you do vote to give you a crash course on the elections.

A candidate must receive at least 270 electoral votes out of the total 538. There are red states which are republican states there are blue states which are democratic states. And there are swing states that can go either way and they play a major role in determining who wins the election. The four key swing states are Florida, for 29 electoral votes. Michigan for 16 electoral votes. Pennsylvania for 20 electoral votes. And Wisconsin for 10 electoral votes.

Each of these four states voted democrat in 2008 and 2012. And then voted republican in 2016. Therefore these four states all voted for the party that won the white house in the past three elections. If history repeats how Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin vote this year will determine who wins the presidency. Other battleground states include Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina and Ohio. The voter turnout is projected to be record-breFaking please be sure to vote especially if you are in these battleground states.

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